Denber Company History

Denber International Rubber Company was established in 1973 by Dennis Rogers and Bernard Newman. Dennis had previously worked for Chichester Rubber Comany. Their first premises were in Tangmere, home of the famous Battle Of Britain airfield where they manufactured from an old chicken shed. The products at that time were industrial products such as gauntlets, pippets, finger stalls and medical equipment. Stan Rowlands then joined the company and had previously worked with Dennis at Chichester Rubber Company. Bernard left Denber in the early 1970`s. Denber soon outgrew their cramped premises at Tangmere. Dennis and Stan relocated the Company to larger premises on another former airfield at Ford near Arundel in 1978 where the Company has been ever since.

In the early 1980`s the market for industrial products was flooded with cheap imports from the Far East and it was no longer cost effective for the company to make these items. Dennis and Stan took the bold decision to diversify their manufacturing skills and started making products for the fetish market. It soon became apparent that this was a good move and they established the Company as a global leader in this field. 95% Of the Company products are now in that market and despite the current economic climate of uncertainty the business is still growing.

In 2006 Stan passed away and Dennis continued to run the Company single handed. In 2007 at the age of 76 Dennis decided that running the business on his own was becoming too much and sold a 49% share to his son Geoff Rogers. Geoff was already running his own Companies including Latex Liaisons (est 1996) which was involved in selling the seconds products that naturally occured in the manufacturing plant at Denber Rubber. Many changes were made by the new Father & Son team with new methods and procedures brought in to ensure that UK manufacture was still viable.

In August 2008 Dennis decided it was time to call it a day and sold the remaining 51% of Denber to Geoff and withdrew from the partnership. Geoff`s wife Jennie joined as the new partner on 30th September 2008.

Geoff and Jennie are now pushing Denber forward with many new products and ideas. It was always the philosophy of the original partners to employ local people, keep manufacturing in the UK and be a global leader. Geoff and Jennie are proud to be able to carry on with this philosophy despite the tough and challenging times ahead.

On 1st November 2013 Denber Rubber Ltd was registered (company number 8690091) and the business of Denber International Rubber Company was successfully transfered.

We look forward to working with all Denber customers, old and new.

Sadly in February 2019 the sole surviving original partner of Denber Rubber, Dennis Rogers, passed away a few weeks before his 88th Birthday. He is fondly remembered by us all and his memory lives on within our Company.

Geoff & Jennie Rogers