Denber Rubber Quality Control

At Denber Rubber Limited we produce a fantastic range of dip moulded latex rubber products. We have been manufacturing in the UK for almost 42 years. The raw materials we use are all fully traceable from our suppliers. You can be assured when you buy one of our products that every care has been taken to ensure consistent quality of the finished item. Many of the major players in the fetish market are selling rebranded products made by Denber Rubber. These companies know that by sourcing their products from a long established UK manufacturer that quality and customer service are absolutely guaranteed.

As a manufacturer we are able to tailor many of our products to your requirements. For example, we can trim items differently, add open crotch to clothing items or insert one of our toys to your preferred style of pants. We are only limited by your imagination. Denber Rubber Limited has been established in the UK for over 40 years manufacturing a huge range of moulded latex clothing and toys.

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