Heavyweight Latex Rubber

All of the items manufactured by us are also available in heavier grade material. Typically the thickness of the material is about 0.3mm. By altering the pre=treatment process and using longer dipping times we can vary this. Our standard heavyweight clothing is approximately 0.6mm. However, if you require a different thickness don`t hesitate to ask. For example, our toy products are up to 2mm skin thickness and this is purely by using alternative procedures in the manufacturing process. Recent advances in our manufacturing procedures has also had the benefit of an improved surface finish on our heavyweight items. Why not order a sample with your next consignment ?

Heavyweight Latex

As  a manufacturer we are able to tailor many of our products to your requirements. For example, we can trim items differently, add open crotch to clothing items or insert one of our toys to your prefered style of pants. We are only limited by your imagination. Denber Rubber Limited has been established in the UK for over 40 years manufacturing a huge range of moulded latex clothing and toys.

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