X415 Moulded Latex Inflatable Buttplug

Moulded latex inflatable buttplugOur X415 moulded latex buttplug is now available. This product was developed at the request of a customer as there was no product of this shape on the market available as a quality inflatable item with the option of a foam core. We designed the tooling with the customer input. As a manufacturer we were able to offer the customer several options. Either they paid for the tooling and then had an exclusive product to them or we paid for the tooling and retained exclusivity ourselves but offered them a permanent discount on the new line. They chose the 2nd option and sales are going well. This new buttplug is available as a standard inflatable buttplug code X415 or with foam core code X415A. We can offer any length of tube for the pump which is a high quality UK sourced item. The standard length of tube is about 11″. We can also supply it as just a foam core insertable buttplug code X415FP. All of the range are available in black, red or transluscent latex.

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